• 5200/600 new project installation successfully

    On October 29, Hubei Shengda Paper 5200/600 dewatering components were successfully installated. The whole machine is equipped with Shandong Guiyuan ce...[详情]

  • 4800/600 new project running successfully

    Congruatulations to Guangdong Shunyu Paper Mill Ltd! The 4800/600 paper machine starts up today. The ceramic dewatering elements is produced by SICER. ...[详情]

  • Vietnam 5400/700 Three-wire machine start up successfully

    Congratulations to new project in Vietnam!All the dewatering elements are supplied by Sicer.[详情]

  • Indonisia 2550/450 Four-wire paper machine installation

    Congratulations to new project!At the beginning of 2019,2550/450 Four-wire new project is started in Indonisia.All the dewatering elements are supplied...[详情]

  • 4800 bobbin paper machine project installation site

    On May 8th, a bobbin paper machine project was fully started in Hunan province. The width of the paper was 4800mm. All the dewatering equipment of...[详情]

  • Good news-Ceramic dewatering elements applied for bobbin fibre paper making machine complete

    At the beginning of 2018, a good news came. The dewatering elements are complete successfully which are applied in bobbin fibre paper projcet. A good e...[详情]

  • Congratulations to the new project

    Congratulations!A new project 5600/1000 paper machine run successfully! The arc top former was equipped with SICER ceramic dewatering elements.Thanks f...[详情]

  • Guangxi 6600/1300 paper machine running smoothly for one year

    Warmly congratulate Guangxi 6600/1300 paper machine smooth operation of dehydration components for one year. The return visit was informed that the ser...[详情]

  • Large-scale forming machine project passed the customer inspection successfully

    On June 3, 2017 Large forming machine box arrived. The weight of each box is nearly 10 tons. SICER provided the top ceram...[详情]

  • Three wire 5800/700 high-speed paper machine project starting up

    On December 29, 2016, India Triassic 5800/700 high-speed paper machine ceramic dewatering component, today began to enter the final installation s...[详情]

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